Mom, 2 teen sons found dead in apparent double murder-suicide in Avondale Police Says

Cincinnati police have identified three people found dead inside a home in Avondale. Around 5:30 a.m., “unknown trouble” was reported at a home in the 3600 block of Canyon Drive.

When the police arrived, they found three people who had been shot. Police said that all three people were dead at the scene.

Darlene Flores, who was 38 years old, and her two sons, Eric Johnson Jr., who was 19, and Rodrigo Johnson, who was 16, have been named as the victims.

The Homicide Unit of the Cincinnati Police Department is looking into the case as a double murder and a suicide.

Two 18-year-old men told WLWT that one of the people killed was their best friend.

“It’s tough We were with him last night, so I just saw him last night. I said goodbye to him before I went home “said one of the men. “I can’t believe it, even though it doesn’t seem real. Everything went by so quickly. I’m living with my second family. We were all together for Christmas. We all wore the same clothes and took family pictures as if we were really a second family.”

The friends said that when they woke up, a friend sent them a strange and scary text message, so they went over there right away and saw a lot of police.

There is an investigation going on. Call the Homicide Unit at (513) 352-3542 if you know anything about this murder.

In August of last year, Iyla Johnson, who was 6 years old, was killed by her father, Eric, in a murder-suicide after they had a fight over custody.

Two police officers tried to solve a custody dispute by getting Eric Johnson to give his 6-year-old daughter, Iyla, back to her mother. This is how the situation started, according to the police.

“The officers thought they heard a gunshot from the second floor during the exchange,” Demasi said. “When officers showed up, they saw that the door had been blocked. When more shots were fired at the police officers, they ran away.”

After an hour-long SWAT standoff, the situation was over.

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