Package Killer

After admitting to killing two women in the St. Louis area more than 30 years ago, a man from Missouri was given two life sentences on Tuesday. He was called the “Package Killer” because of how he got rid of the bodies. Gary Muehlberg, who is 74 years old, has now admitted to killing three women. Next week, he will have a hearing about the death of a fourth woman. In 1990 or 1991, the bodies of all four women were found.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch said that the bodies of all four women were found in containers: two in trash cans, one in a wooden box, and one between two mattresses. They were called “package killer” killings.

When DNA evidence linked Muehlberg to at least four more murders, he was already serving a life sentence for the 1993 murder of Kenneth Atchison. The station reported that Atchison’s body was discovered in Muehlberg’s basement in a makeshift coffin.

O’Fallon Detective Jodi Weber discovered DNA evidence while examining old unsolved homicides, which led to the resolution of the cases. After prosecutors agreed not to seek the death penalty, Muehlberg confessed.

Tuesday, he pled guilty to the murders of Brenda Pruitt and Donna Reitmeyer. The new life sentences will run concurrently with the previous two life sentences.

When her family reported her missing on May 9, 1990, Pruitt was 27 years old. In October 1991, her body was discovered in a plastic trash can on the side of a busy road in St. Louis County. Authorities reported that she had been suffocated or strangled.

Reitmeyer’s body was discovered in a trash can on a St. Louis sidewalk on June11, 1990. She was a mother of three daughters and was forty years old.

On March 6, Muehlberg admitted to murdering Sandy Little, whose body was discovered inside an abandoned dresser along a motorway in O’Fallon, Missouri, on February 17, 1991.

On March 31, a hearing will be held regarding the death of 18-year-old Robyn Mihan. On March 26, 1990, her body was discovered between two wired-together mattresses along a road near the small rural Missouri town of Silex.

Muehlberg also admitted to killing a fifth woman at his residence and disposing of her body in a metal barrel near a self-service car wash, according to court documents. Her remains have never been located.

No motive for the murders has been revealed.

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