Mia Schoen

Mia Schoen, 17, of Pompano Beach, was visiting Tarpon Springs with friends when she was killed while crossing the street.

Nearly 13 days after a 17-year-old Pompano Beach girl was killed while crossing the street in Tarpon Springs, police have yet to apprehend the driver.

Mia Schoen’s mother is now speaking out in the hopes of finding answers.

“I adore my daughter, and I’m going to miss her terribly.” And I want her to receive justice. She is deserving of it. “She was a good person,” Mia’s mother, Karin Burkhardt, told 10 Tampa Bay from her Pompano Beach home.

Mia was crossing US 19 near Klosterman Road early Tuesday morning when she was hit by a driver in a silver Toyota Pickup truck heading northbound, according to Tarpon Springs Police. She was declared dead at the scene.

According to police, the pickup truck driver fled the scene.

The wreckage indicates that the car that hit her was a 2014-2017 silver Toyota Tundra pickup truck. They are requesting that the public keep an eye out for such a model with front-end damage.

“Accidents happen, but you don’t stop.” Burkhardt explained. “You check on the individual. You summon an ambulance. You don’t just run away and hide like a coward.”

Mia was in Tarpon Springs with friends, according to her mother. She believes her daughter walked alone from the hotel where they were staying to a nearby gas station to get a snack.

According to Tarpon Springs Police, the preliminary investigation indicates that Mia was in the crosswalk when she was hit.

“Knowing that a driver did not pay attention and it results in the death of a young teenager, beautiful, smart, with a whole life ahead of her,” Burkhardt said. “It infuriates me. You’ve got no idea.”

Burkhardt is pleading with potential witnesses to testify.

“If you see anything in Florida, you see a silver Toyota Tundra with a beat up front,” she explained. “You must contact law enforcement.” “It could be him.”

She also has something to say to the driver.

“You should be ashamed. “You should be ashamed for not stopping,” Burkhardt said. “You should be ashamed for not seeing her. Shame on you for failing to focus while driving, which is rule number one when you get behind the wheel. You should be ashamed.”

Anyone who witnessed the accident is asked to contact Cpl. John Gibson or Officer Steve Gassen at 727-938-2849.

Those looking to support the family can find a GoFundMe Page by clicking here.

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