This is the story of Marshal Iwaasa, whose truck was burned down 14 hours away from where he was last seen, but he hasn’t been found and was not seen driving there or stopping.  It just gets weirder and weirder.

Details of Disappearance

Marshal, 26, was last seen on November 17th, 2019 in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. He drove down from Calgary, assisted his mother with some technology issues at her home, and then left around 11:00 p.m. He was last seen going to the storage locker, attempting to access it with the code for hours without success before opening it around 6:00am when the facility opened and staying in the area until around 8:30am (the facility was fully secured from 11pm-6am, which is why he couldn’t get in, even with the correct code). After that, he vanished.

Burnt Truck

On November 23rd, 2019, a group of hikers discovered a burned-out truck on a trail near Pemberton, BC, about 1200 kilometers (745 miles) from Lethbridge. It was on a difficult-to-reach logging trail. The truck was completely destroyed, with items inside and some truck parts missing (like the steering column). Clothes were strewn about the scene. Marshall was nowhere to be found.


Marshall had been a student at SAIT in Calgary, and his family thought he was returning for the Fall 2019 semester, but he wasn’t. His family didn’t realize he was no longer attending school until he went missing. Nobody knows why he hid it.

He Had Close Relationship with Sister

He had a close relationship with his sister, who was living in Hawaii at the time of his disappearance. She stated that the only known major stress in his life was school, and that he would not lie to her. He would rather avoid the subject.

The RCMP interviewed others in his life but haven’t released much information about what they discovered, other than that he appeared stressed.

It is unusual for him to leave without informing his family, and no one knows what prompted him to go that way or how no one saw him go that way for 1100km/700miles.

Weird Fact About The Case

  • His financial trail ends on November 15th, 2019, which means he didn’t use a card to get to Pemberton because it would have required multiple stops and he would have been seen if he paid cash.
  • Nothing is believed to have been removed from the storage locker when he went in, not even his camping gear.
  • There is no video evidence that he or his truck ever left the area.
  • There has been no recovered video of him driving to Pemberton or stopping along the way.
  • The trail he was discovered on is not well-known, is off the beaten path, is inaccessible via GPS, and requires four wheel drive.
  • Several items were found scattered around the truck scene, including three smashed phones linked to Marshal, “lots of clothing thrown all over the place,” an Xbox, Playstation, and his expired passport. The Xbox and Playstation were just shells with no technology inside to recover data.
  • His contact lenses, contact solution, a Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30 backpack, his SAIT-issued Samsung laptop, his wallet, and his most recent phone, a pearl-colored Samsung Galaxy S6, were also stolen and never recovered.
  • The hikers took photos when they found it and some of the items that were scattered in the photos were no longer there with RCMP arrived.
  • Marshall had no known connections with Pemberton.
  • Was there anyone with him? What was he up to? Why would you go out there? Why is he keeping so much from his family?

What was actually happened that day? Marshal Iwaasa Case is still unsolved.

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