Lucian Munguia

The remains of 5-year-old Lucian Munguia, who was reported missing in Yakima in September, has been discovered, according to his family, who verified this to KIMA.

The 5-year-old Lucian’s body was found on Thursday, December 29 in the Yakima River, according to the Yakima Police Department (YPD).

According to officials, the boy’s bones were discovered in a river close to the intersection of Burke Road and Yakima Valley Highway in Yakima County.

Based on dental records and an autopsy performed on Friday, officials were able to conclusively determine that the remains belonged to Lucian, according to the police. The identify will be verified through DNA testing.

The autopsy revealed no evidence, according to the police, that criminal activity contributed to Lucian’s death.

On September 10, Lucian was last spotted at Sarg Hubbard Park. Since then, the boy’s mother, Sandra Munguia, and the neighbourhood have banded together to help find him, and police have searched.

Even a $10,000 prize was being given for information leading to Lucian’s location.

Yakima’s Police Chief Matthew Murray has maintained throughout the investigation that there has been no evidence of foul play regarding Lucian’s disappearance.

It’s still unclear how Lucian was at the park and then disappeared.

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