Chicago woman

A woman from Little Village who was reported missing in January has been found dead, her family said.

Rosa Chacon, who was 21 years old, was found dead in a laundry cart in an alley near 24th and Western Avenue on the West Side of the city on Wednesday, according to her family.

Family members said that the many tattoos on Chacon’s body helped the police find her.

“This is hard, but I’m still here. Rosa, Chacon’s mother, told WGN News, “I want justice for my daughter.” “How will you put a person in a back alley? That is wrong. I just want my daughter to get what’s coming to her.”

On January 18, relatives last saw the 21-year-old woman outside of her home. In the 2800 block of South St. Louis, Chacon is seen getting into an Uber rideshare on a home security video.

It’s not clear where she was going, but Chacon’s family said she didn’t call for the ride. Family members say that Uber wouldn’t tell them the name of the person who asked for the rideshare. But an Uber representative told WGN News that the police have not asked for this.

The Cook County medical examiner hasn’t figured out why the person died yet.

Community leaders stood with the grieving family and said that there would be a $15,000 reward for information that led to an arrest and conviction.

“These people are sad. We are here holding candles because we want people to notice us. “We’re here to ask the FBI to help,” said Raul Montes Jr., a leader in the community.

The body of Chacon is the second one found in the area in the past few weeks.

“Three weeks ago, a young woman was shot and killed in an alley near here. At least a and a half miles. “Today, we’re sad because another one was found dead in an alley,” said community leader Patrick Gibbons.

An investigation is ongoing.

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