Kytana Ancog

Travis Rodrigues was arrested for the death of his 2-year-old daughter Kytana Ancog.

She went missing after her mother dropped her off at Rodrigues’ house in Aiea, Hawaii, on January 31, 2021. After helping Travis Rodrigues hide the crime, the police also caught Scott Carter because of the baby’s death.


On February 13, 2021, a witness who was at Rodrigues’ house told investigators that she went to Rodrigues’ bedroom and saw him punching and swearing at his daughter.

“Shut your mouth! Leave this place!” The person who saw what happened said the baby looked scared and ran to her for help. The witness then asked Rodrigues what was going on, but the suspect hit the baby, making her fall to the ground. Rodrigues said, “F*** that baby,” and added, “I’ve had her for three f* days already.”

The witness said that Rodrigues then tried to give meth to the baby because he thought she would like it. The witness said she left the house, but when she came back quickly, she saw blood on the floor. Rodrigues said it was chocolate that was dropped. Still, the witness said she saw Kytana with cuts and bruises all over her body and in her mouth.

When detectives talked to Rodriques, he reportedly admitted that he hit, slapped, and cursed at the child while he was high on meth. He also said that he began to hold her against his chest until she died. Rodrigues also said he wasn’t sure if the baby was dead, but he wrapped her in a blanket, bandaged her, and put her in a duffle bag. He didn’t call 911.

Scott Carter told the police that after the fight, Rodrigues asked him for a ride to a friend’s house. Rodriques was carrying the duffle bag with the dead baby in it. Rodrigues got out of the car when they got to the friend’s house, and Scott Carter told him not to worry about the duffle bag because he would take care of it. In the end, Rodriques stayed at the friend’s house while Carter drove away. Rodriques says that he doesn’t know where his daughter went. Still, Kitana’s body has not been found.

Travis Rodrigues is being held in jail on a $2 million bond because he is charged with second-degree murder. Scott Carter has been charged with obstructing justice in the first degree. His $1 million bond keeps him in jail. Travis Rodrigues is a convicted felon with a long list of crimes that include drug and gun crimes.

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