Kandis Harris

A year ago, Kandis Harris left the Odyssey House and disappeared. The 15th of July 2021  marks one year since her disappearance. It’s been a long year for her grandmother who now belongs to a club no one wants to be part of.

Diane Carpenter stated, “No one can adequately convey how a family feels when a loved one has gone missing.” “Your emotions are on a roller coaster. You have no idea if they are alive. Are these still available? “Are they fine?”

The 17-year-old girl scaled a fence and fled the Odyssey House, where she was receiving therapy. Carpenter stated that Kandis was experiencing multiple personal difficulties, including her great-death. grandfather’s

Carpenter stated, “She was unable to be with the family when this occurred.” “I believe that had a great deal to do with Kandis’s mental state. Kandis has always used narcotics to numb her suffering.

Her grandma stated that Kandis’ social media activity ceased when she escaped the Salt Lake City prison.

She was aware of a suspected Kandis sighting at Salt Lake, but she was unable to confirm the information. Kandis could be living on the streets and could be a victim of human trafficking.

“People’s names have been mentioned,” she stated. Instead of selling drugs, they engage in human trafficking by selling young girls.

Kandis Harris

Carpenter stated that he never passes a day without thinking of Kandis, sometimes known as Brooklyn.

The cell phone of Kandis was confiscated while at Odyssey House. A review of her previous cellphone usage revealed no hints regarding her future plans.

Carpenter monitors social media for any information pertaining to her granddaughter’s location.

Carpenter stated that the most difficult aspect for them at the moment is the lack of social media participation. There is no trace of Kandiss whatsoever.

A year has gone since Kandis’s disappearance, yet according to her, the anxiety never subsides.

“There are times when you feel as if she’s gone,” she remarked. “And then you have this feeling of shame, like if she hadn’t left. What if she is still alive?

The reward has been increased to $10,000 for information leading to the capture of Kandis.

Carpenter stated that a candlelight vigil will be held on the anniversary for Kandis and other missing persons. She stated that Tooele resident Rick Morris is also missing and his family has been invited.

The vigil begins at 8 p.m. at 970 South 810 West, Spencer’s Field in Tooele.

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