Madeleine McCann

To find out if she is the missing British girl, a Polish woman who thinks she might be Madeleine McCann submitted samples for forensic analysis.

Due to similarities in their ages and appearance, Julia Faustyna, also known as Julia Wendell, has been asserting on Instagram and TikTok that she may be the child who vanished from a family vacation in Portugal in 2007.

She now posts under the handle @iammadeleinemccann and has tens of thousands of followers across both platforms.

According to private investigator Dr. Fia Johansson, the 21-year-old has provided samples for three different forensic analyses that will outline her DNA sequence and a genetic test similar to 23andMe to determine her ancestry.

“If the results come back that she’s British child or from that area then we are going to continue our investigation into Madeleine McCann and communicate with the detectives in Portugal,” said Dr. Johansson, who relocated Wendell from Poland to a safe house in the United States after a series of death threats.

Julia Faustyna
Julia Wendell submitted samples for three different forensic examinations that will outline her DNA sequence

We currently have a ton of evidence demonstrating that Julia was unquestionably brought to Poland by an international sex trafficking organization from another nation.

Although we are still looking into it, Julia is unquestionably not her Polish parents’ biological daughter.

Dr. Johansson stated that if Wendell’s ancestry originates from the same region as that of Madeleine’s parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, she will send the DNA sequence to Portuguese investigators right away for comparison.

Julia Wendell, who has admitted she doesn’t “remember most of my childhood,” previously claimed that Madeleine’s parents have consented to a DNA test.

She says she was abducted as a toddler and that she has a spot in her right eye and a beauty mark on her cheek that is similar to Madeleine’s. She also claims that certain details of her childhood don’t add up.

However, according to an English translation of the Polish news outlet Gazeta’s report, Pawel Noga from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wroclaw claimed that the authorities have “ruled out” the possibility that Wendell’s account of the events is accurate.

Wendell and her “spokesperson,” psychic medium and private investigator Dr. Johansson, challenged the officers’ assertion in a 15-minute video that Wendell posted to her Instagram.

Dr. Johansson said that “no police officers in Poland said that she (Julia) or she is not Madeleine McCann” and it was “all lies.”

Additionally, she claimed that the two planned to “compel” Wendell’s mother to take a DNA test.

Wendell may be the missing Swiss girl Livia Schepp, who vanished in 2011 along with her 6-year-old twin Alessia, according to online rumors.

Dr. Johansson recently told The Sun that Julia was “very open to the idea that she may indeed be another missing child” and that they hoped to conduct a DNA test with her family.

“I’ve talked to her about this, and she’s open to the idea that she might not just be Madeleine but any other missing child out there. Julia merely seeks to learn the truth about herself.

Because one of the Madeleine suspects resembles a man who she claims molested her as a child, that is one of the reasons she made the connection to Madeleine.

It’s possible that the same person may be responsible for more than one case of the same disease.

“Julia has taken a DNA test and we are investigating if it’s possible to check her DNA with that of missing Livia.”

“We are investigating all possibilities at this stage.”

Meanwhile, Wendell’s relatives in Poland have expressed their “devastation” at her assertions.

“Julia is without a doubt our daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin, and step niece, according to us as a family. Through the Polish missing persons organization Missing Years Ago, the family said in a Facebook statement, “We have memories and we have pictures.

Since she removed them from the home of the family along with the birth certificate and numerous hospital discharges, Julia also has these pictures.

“We always made an effort to comprehend Julia’s circumstances. Julia had access to numerous treatments, medications, psychologists, and psychiatric professionals. She wasn’t left on her own.

“Threats to our address from Julia, her lies and manipulations, activity on the internet. We’ve seen it all and we’ve tried to prevent it, to explain, we’ve asked her to stop.”

Madeleine MCCann

The family hinted at Ms Wendell’s motivations, writing that she “always wanted to be popular.”

But, Dr. Johansson urged the family to consider a DNA test, and to “get in touch with us directly so we can discuss the case with them rather than releasing statements online.”

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