Madeleine McCann

The Polish woman who said she was Madeleine McCann deleted her viral Instagram account out of the blue.

Julia Faustyna, who is 21 years old, used the account @iammadeleinemccann to post photos and videos that show how she looks and what she did as a child. These were supposed to be proof that she is the British child who went missing in 2007.

The account quickly went viral, and people who didn’t believe her claims and said the stunt was just a way to get attention mocked and trolled her.

As of March 3, the Instagram account is no longer active. When people try to view the page, they see a message that says, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

“The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed”.

It’s not clear if Faustyna deleted her account herself or if Instagram did it for her.

Faustyna had posted childhood photos of herself and McCann next to each other, saying that they both had the same eye defect, which is now a sign of the missing child.

“I have the same kind of problem with my eye that Madeleine had. Except for me, it’s getting less and less clear every year,” she wrote.

She also said that she had post-traumatic amnesia because she had been sexually abused as a child by a paedophile whose name she doesn’t know but whose face she recognises from the Find Madeleine website.

The 21-year-old said she didn’t remember much about her childhood. The earliest thing she could think of was going on vacation.

“But I remember nothing at all about my mother, my stepfather, or even my dad being there,” she says.

Dr. Fia Johansson, a psychic medium and private investigator who speaks for Faustyna, posted a photo of the two of them eating breakfast together on Friday morning. Both of them looked happy.

She hasn’t said anything yet about Faustyna’s account being deleted.

Johansson recently said that she had taken a DNA test that could link Faustyna to a number of missing persons cases.

Last month, someone came up with a new idea that Faustyna might be missing Swiss girl Livia Schepp.

In 2011, when Alessia and Livia Schepp were six years old, their father took them from Switzerland and took his own life in Italy. When the body was found, the girls were nowhere to be found.

Many have claimed online that there are similarities between missing Swiss girl Livia Schepp and Julia Faustyna. Credit: Twitter

At the time, it was said that Schepp had admitted to killing his daughters in a letter he sent to his wife on the day he killed himself. However, no bodies have ever been found.

“Julia has had a DNA test, and we are looking into whether we can compare her DNA to that of Livia, who has gone missing,” Johansson told The Sun.

“At this point, we are looking into all possibilities.

“I’ve talked to her about this, and she’s open to the idea that she could be any missing child, not just Madeleine. Julia just wants to find out who she really is.”

The ages of McCann, Schepp, and 21-year-old Faustyna don’t match up, but the Polish woman thinks it’s possible that her real age was changed in fake documents.

Faustyna’s parents seem to have put out a statement on the website Missing Years Ago of Polish Missing Persons disputing these claims, citing mental illness and a desire for attention. They also said that they are working with local police.

But Johansson has hit back at the website that posted the statement, saying that it is not official and may not have even come from Faustyna’s parents.

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