Julia Faustyna

The 21-year-old Julia Faustyna deleted her social media accounts after receiving chilling death threats, including a bounty on her head.

The Polish woman who believes she may be Madeleine McCann has arrived in the United States accompanied by her psychic private investigator after revealing she had received death threats.

According to a spokesperson, Julia Faustyna, who went viral after claiming to be the missing British girl who disappeared in Portugal in 2007, has been welcomed in the United States and has invited her parents to complete a DNA test.

Her spokesperson, psychic medium and private investigator Dr. Fia Johansson, disclosed over the weekend that Faustyna was “safe and secure” in the United States, after revealing earlier that the 21-year-old had received multiple death threats.

Johansson previously stated that Faustyna, also known as Julia Wendell, was forced to delete her wildly popular Instagram account due to death threats.

Tuesday’s Instagram posts by Johansson revealed that the pair attempted to contact Faustyna’s parents in order to solve the DNA mystery.

“Willkommen in den USA, Julia. “The land of love and dreams,” stated Johansson in her video.

When asked how she felt being in the United States, Faustyna responded, “like an angel, excited… I wish there were more kind individuals.”

Faustyna then attempted to call her mother and father to ask them to take a DNA test, but they claimed they had blocked her number.

Instagram Account deleted

Last week, Faustyna deleted her account without warning.

The 21-year-old has used the Instagram account @iammadeleinemccann to post photos and videos comparing her physical appearance and childhood experiences as alleged proof she is the missing British child who vanished while on vacation in 2007.

The account quickly went viral and was heavily criticised and trolled by those who discredited her claims and claimed the stunt was an attention-seeking fabrication.

The Instagram account was no longer active as of March 3; users who attempted to view the page were met with the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

“The link you followed may be broken, or the page may no longer exist.”

Johansson revealed over the weekend in an Instagram post that Faustyna had received death threats and had to be removed from her home in Poland for her safety.

Johansson stated that the threats originated on Snapchat before spreading to other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Faustyna was confronted with a “serious and credible death threat” and a “price on her head.”

Authorities took the threat “very seriously,” according to Johansson, and Faustyna was removed from her hometown immediately.

Faustyna had posted side-by-side photographs of herself and McCann as children, stating that they shared the same eye defect, a trait that has become synonymous with the missing child.

“I have the same type of eye defect that Madeleine had in the same eye. Except that in my case, it’s fading with each passing year,” she wrote.

She also claimed that she suffered from post-traumatic amnesia as a result of childhood sexual abuse by a paedophile whose identity she does not know but whose face she recognises from facial composite image 4B on the Locate Madeleine website.

The 21-year-old claimed to have few recollections of her childhood, with her earliest memories being of vacations.

She claims that she has no recollection of her mother, her stepfather, or her father being present.

Following the deletion of the account, Johansson posted a photo of the two eating breakfast together, in which they appeared to be in good spirits.

Recently, Johansson confirmed that Faustyna had taken a DNA test, which she claimed could link her to a number of missing person cases.

A new theory suggested last month that Faustyna may in fact be the missing Swiss girl Livia Schepp.

Alessia and Livia Schepp were six years old when their father abducted them from Switzerland in 2011 and later committed suicide in Italy. When police discovered the body, the girls were nowhere to be found.

It was reported at the time that Schepp had admitted to killing his daughters in a letter to his wife on the day he committed suicide, but no bodies have ever been discovered.

“Julia has taken a DNA test, and we are investigating whether her DNA can be compared to that of the missing Livia,” Johansson told The Sun.

“We are currently investigating all possibilities.

“I’ve discussed this with her, and she is open to the possibility that she could be any missing child, not just Madeleine. Julia desires to know the truth about her identity.

There are discrepancies between the ages of McCann, Schepp, and 21-year-old Faustyna, but Faustyna believes her true age may have been fabricated in fraudulent documents.

Faustyna’s parents appear to have published a statement on the website Missing Years Ago of Polish Missing Persons disputing these claims, citing mental illness and a desire for attention, and stating that they are cooperating with local police.

However, Johansson has responded to the website that published the statement, claiming that it is not official and may not have come from Faustyna’s parents.

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