Angela Pollina

Angela Pollina, the Long Island stepmom from hell who admitted to forcing her autistic 8-year-old stepson to sleep in a freezing garage the night before he died, was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison on Tuesday, according to a report.

“My only regret, Miss Pollina, is that they don’t have a garage,” Suffolk County Supreme Court Judge Timothy Mazzei said of the prison where she will serve her sentence. “You deserve to be there for the rest of your natural life.”

Pollina was excoriated by Mazzei for her heinous treatment of little Thomas Valva and his older brother, Anthony, who survived.

“You tortured those boys — you tortured them,” he told Newsday.

Pollina, a 45-year-old former medical biller, was convicted of second-degree murder and child endangerment by a Long Island jury last month after she admitted to forcing the boys to spend an arctic January night in the garage of the family’s Center Moriches home.

Prosecutors said Thomas’ body temperature had dropped to nearly 76 degrees at the time of his death. He also had a head injury, sunken hips, no body fat, alopecia, and a chronic kidney infection caused by urine retention.

Pollina did not speak during her sentencing.

Matthew Tuohy, her attorney, asked the judge to grant her clemency. Tuohy emphasized that she had no criminal record and had “lived a good life” prior to meeting Thomas’ father, Michael Valva.

His appeals were rejected by prosecutors, who sought the maximum sentence.

According to Newsday, lead prosecutor Kerryan Kelly stated that Thomas was not surrounded by love on the day he died, but rather by “pure evil.”

According to the paper, “the defendant received the sentence she justly deserved.”

Michael Valva, Pollina’s ex-fiancé and an ex-NYPD cop, was convicted in November for his role in his son’s death. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison a month later.

During Pollina’s trial, Tuohy tried in vain to portray Valva as the sole villain of the story. But his declarations were overshadowed by an onslaught of jaw-dropping testimony.

One witness testified that Pollina would curse and scream at the boy, and that the couple made fun of him because he was autistic.

The prosecution also showed video of Thomas and Anthony, then 10, shivering on the cement garage floor because Pollina had demanded that Valva remove all creature comforts from the area weeks earlier.

Pollina did herself no favors by taking the stand. Some claimed her testimony was so heinous that it brought jurors to tears.

“I mistreated them,” Pollina admitted in court. “I treated them badly.” I stored them in the garage. It was dreadful. Yes, I did… “I banished them.”

And jurors gasped when Pollina said she was fine on the winter morning Thomas died because it was “a little chilly,” she said.

She also admitted to deleting incriminating footage from the family’s network of Nest cameras in order to protect Valva, her then-boyfriend.

Tuohy attempted to persuade the court during his closing arguments that Pollina was not a bad person on January 17, 2020, the day Thomas died.

“She wanted the boys imprisoned in the garage,” he told the jury. “She stood up and admitted it, saying… it was wrong.”

“We don’t convict people because they’re scumbags,” he continued, shocking the courtroom.

Pollina’s stone-faced excuses were swatted away by Kelly, the prosecutor.

“[Pollina] forced him out into the cold! Thomas was tortured and died for the sin of being autistic,” Kelly argued.

The jury swiftly convicted her, declaring her guilty after a single day of deliberations.

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