Jeremy Abbott

Jeremy Abbot was last seen alive on June 16, 2017, when he went to see his mother. When Jeremy got home later that evening, he was supposed to text or call his mother, Kim. He was gone from her life for good. Because Kim and Jeremy were so close, she immediately recognized the problem. On June 19, 2017, she began looking for him and posted a plea for assistance on Facebook.

Jeremy Abbot Received Message

One of Jeremy’s friends, Joshua Levi Hyde, sent her a private message. He informed her that Jeremy would never return home and that she should report him missing. Kim questioned him about why he would say that, but he never responded. She reported a missing person. Jeremy was missing for more than 30 days, and numerous members of his circle of friends, as well as members of his family, claimed to have seen him.

They would inform his mother that Jeremy was hiding and avoiding attention. Many of these people later admitted to lying to police about seeing Jeremy. They all gave the same reason for the deception. They claimed that a man named Jesse Abbott threatened them with harm if they did not make the false claims. Jesse was Jeremy’s cousin and close friend. Jesse was discovered by Jeremy’s family and police authorities to have coerced people into claiming to see Jeremy alive while also pretending to be Jeremy and fleeing from them.

From a distance, the two men could have been mistaken for one another. While Jeremy was still missing, Kim approached Juan Ortega, another man who had been a friend of his. Juan, she realised, had Jeremy’s phone in his possession and was attempting to unlock it by cracking the passcode. She forced Juan to give her and another family member Jeremy’s phone. According to Kim, Juan wept and wailed, repeatedly stating that they were going to kill him. Juan quickly left the state and travelled across the country in a matter of days.


His neighbour, who was friendly with him, also confirmed this to me. She informed me that he packed his belongings late at night and fled unnoticed. Juan never returned to the state. A few years later, he contacted Jeremy’s mother to inform her that Jeremy had spoken to him just before he overdosed and nearly died.

Kim had no idea that another woman was fighting her own battle while looking for Jeremy. Jessica Hamby, Jeremy Abbott’s friend, was 24 years old. Friends and family described Jessica as terrified, suspicious, and upset during the time Jeremy was missing. Finally, she had separate conversations with her father and mother. She informed them both that she knew where Jeremy Abbott’s body was.

She expressed a desire to notify police authorities but expressed fear of doing so. She told her mother a few more details about what had happened. She claimed that more “friends” joined her and Jeremy as they were led into the woods. When she emerged from the woods into the clearing, a larger group awaited her, and she claimed that they jumped Jeremy. She eventually fled after hearing Jeremy yell at her repeatedly. On July 20, 2017, Jessica gave law enforcement the location of her friend Jeremy. Two police officers arrived at Jessica’s address early the next morning.

They quickly discovered Jeremy Abbott, who was hanging from the lowest branch of a pine tree about 18 to 20 feet tall. Others with information about this incident have informed us that these two cops violated departmental policy when they went on a “secret squirrel” missing. One of them was broken. No one else in the department was aware that they were searching, that Jeremy had been found, or anything else related to the incident until the search was over and his remains were transported to a nearby funeral home. Jeremy’s death was ruled a suicide on the spot, and no autopsy was performed. According to our information, the county coroner did not even visit the scene as required by Alabama law.

Jeremy hanged himself with a size 36 men’s belt, according to the city investigator. Jeremy weighed around 100 pounds and didn’t wear belts. He would never wear a belt that big. After locating Jeremy, the city police turned over the case to county detectives. The county investigator informed Kim that Jeremy had been strangled with a car belt. How is it even possible for someone to hang himself from the lowest branch of a pine tree that is 18 to 20 feet in the air using a car belt? And why do the various organizations that were present when Jeremy was discovered have such disparate accounts of how he was hanged?

Kim begged the two organizations to investigate her son’s death and to have him autopsied. They had her silenced. Initially, the investigator misled Sarah by claiming that Jeremy’s condition was too severe for an autopsy. He then told her that she could have an autopsy, but she would be responsible for the cost. Kim worked hard as a single mother. She didn’t have enough money to pay for an autopsy on top of the unexpected burial costs. She assured the detectives that she would not give up because she was confident her son had not committed suicide. “Ma’am, it would be better for you to let this go since no one is going to listen to you,” the investigator advised her. And nobody paid attention, at least not anyone who was competent or willing to take action.


Jessica Hamby lived in continual anxiety and misery in the months following Jeremy’s discovery. She went through a lot, too much to get into here, but it involved concealing out in a rehab, running away and hiding in another state, among other things. Jessica Hamby ultimately vanished 5.5 months later and has never been located. Despite the fact that she gave them the location of her friend’s body, law enforcement continues to hold onto their conclusion that Jeremy committed suicide.

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