Jayden and Montel

On August 13, 2016, Jayden Ugwuh, 9, and Montell Ross, 8, were playing video games at home with their relatives. Jayden’s family has recently taken temporary residence with Montell’s family. Unbeknownst to the lads, two unidentified males who were hunting for blood had approached their home in Kansas City, Missouri. While Montell’s parents slept, Jayden’s mother was at work.

Two masked killers started shooting into the house shortly after one in the morning. The two men are thought to have shot around 20 rounds. Montell, who was seated next to a window, was shot right away. Jayden instantly fled into a different room for protection. Jayden went back into the fray to help his cousin after discovering he had left Montell in the living room. Jayden would have survived if he had remained in the other room.

Jayden and Montel Love

jayden and montel
Jayden and Montel

Jayden thought to save his cousin’s life at the age of nine. Unfortunately, while attempting to help Montell, young Jayden was also shot. Before passing away, Jayden climbed into his big brother’s arms, who was holding his little brother. Over 4 years have passed since Jayden and Montell were killed at a location where they felt secure.

Jayson Ugwuh

“I do not get it. I swear. We have to protect the future. He’s the future,” said Jayson Ugwuh, Jayden dad.

The father of young Jayden was interviewed by FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien three days after their killings. He claimed that Jayden fled his bedroom after hearing a hail of gunfire at around 1:30 in the morning. He turned around and raced back to retrieve his cousin Montell when he saw he wasn’t behind him, and that’s when both boys were shot.

Didn’t even cry; instead, he was just hit, fled, and laid down next to his older brother, you know. You understand what I mean when I say that he seemed to know just where to go for solace,” stated Ugwuh.

When Jayden was shot, his 12-year-old brother, Jayson Jr., was dozing off in another room. Jayden cuddled up to him, and as Jayson Junior looked down at his younger brother, it was obvious that Jayden was no longer there even though Jayden’s eyes were open. Jayson Junior did not want to speak to the camera, but he did inform FOX 4 that.

“I have to live with that and raise kids anyhow, but what can I say to him given that he held him and his chilly body, you get what I mean? How can I educate my son to handle it when I can hardly handle it myself? asked their father.

Ugwuh says his children and their cousins live with their mothers in the house at 58th and College where the tragedy happened. He said their home was the one place he didn’t worry about harm coming to them.

“He was in his house, his secure place. This visited his house. If you’re not secure where you sleep, wake up, and eat, then where else are you? How can you help?

Jayson claimed that he frequently brought his son with him to his barbering appointments and paid the boy to assist with the cleaning. He claimed to have urged Jayden to save aside some cash for a special purchase.

Jayson recounted, “He took out $175 that he had saved.” I sobbed at that point because he was listening to me.

Dad of Jayden says his son enjoyed rapping. He had lofty aspirations, a belief in super heroes, and a desire to soar. His parents boasted that he was a great artist as well.

“He can draw. He can draw you right now and it would look just like you, at 9 years old,” his dad said.

Throughout the interview, Jayson referred to his son as if he was still here.

“He’s not even gone to me. It’s still not real, it’s fresh. I can’t talk about him as if he’s gone. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that,” he said.

Investigating Agency

Police are asking for the public’s help through the TIPS Hotline: 816-474-8477.

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