Jason Dale Boltony

Four assailants savagely tortured and murdered 16-year-old Jason Dale Bolton in front of a number of witnesses who, due to the “bystander effect” and diffusion of culpability, neither assisted nor testified against the assailants.

To this day, Bolton’s assailants have not served a single day in prison for his murder. Possibly even more horrifying than the fact that an innocent child was murdered are the specifics of his assault. Four men assaulted Jason Bolton at a party before castrating him in front of a crowd of people who were likely too terrified to speak out. Bolton’s loss of blood while being castrated and restrained caused him to pass unconscious, leading many to incorrectly believe he had already died.

Bolton’s assailants covered up their horrible assault by running over his unconscious corpse, thus taking his life at the young age of 16 when he was still alive, but passed out. Multiple witnesses, including the four assailants responsible for Bolton’s killing, were interviewed by law enforcement upon their arrival. Even though the coroner’s report indicated that Bolton’s death was more suspicious than a simple hit-and-run, the police believed the four men involved when they claimed Bolton was lying inebriated in the middle of the road.

Members of the family suspect that one of the four assailants was a relative of a police officer. Whether or not this is accurate, the fact remains that the police did not do everything they could have to solve the murder of Bolton.

Instead, the case went cold for twenty-one years and remains unresolved as you read this. To ensure that nothing similar ever happens again and that Jason Bolton’s murderers are brought to justice, this tale cannot be brushed under the rug as has been done for the previous two decades. The murder of Jason Bolton, unlike other cold cases, contains witnesses who reside in a small Indiana town and who most likely recognize and know the names of the murderers. Therefore, it is not too late to bring them to justice.

Please take a few seconds out of your day by visiting the website, Justice for Jason, to learn more about Jason Dale Bolton and how you could potentially help.

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