Jamie Lee Komoroski

Samantha Hutchinson, a newlywed bride, was killed in a car accident caused by an allegedly intoxicated Jamie Lee Komoroski, who told police that she “did nothing wrong.” Her blood alcohol concentration was more than three times the legal limit.

When Komoroski, 25, allegedly slammed her car into a golf cart, her blood alcohol content was 0.261. According to a toxicology report from South Carolina police, Hutchinson, 34, was driving in with her new husband in Folly Beach.

According to the incident report, the former taco restaurant waitress was allegedly so inebriated at the time of the collision that she appeared confused, telling responding officers, “All of a sudden, something hit me,” and saying, “I did nothing wrong,” numerous times.

According to the report written by Folly Beach Police Sgt. Zac Halpern, Komoroski acknowledged having a beer and a tequila pineapple an hour prior to the collision.

Halpern claimed that when he asked her how inebriated she was on a scale of one to 10, he overheard her murmur that she was at an eight before asking for legal representation.

When the responding officers attempted to administer a sobriety test, Komoroski objected and yelled for her boyfriend while trying to cover her eyes, according to the police.

The officer noticed Komoroski had trouble standing on her own feet when Halpern attempted to assist her out of the car to check her balance, but Komoroski insisted she was fine.

Halpern’s report also claimed Komoroski was dazed at the scene of the crash, calling for her boyfriend at one moment and then suddenly screaming after looking back at the wreckage.

Halpern observed that Komoroski’s apparent confusion during her arrest was evidenced by the fact that the arresting officer had to explain his justification three times after she refused to enter the back of his patrol car.

In the report, Halpern stated that “this is a clear indication of someone who is intoxicated; is to repeat over and over, after their question has already been answered.”

The newlyweds’ slow-moving vehicle was slammed into by Komoroski while she was traveling at a speed of 40 mph over the 25 mph speed limit along a dimly lit residential street. The newlyweds’ vehicle was thrown 100 yards on impact and rolled over multiple times, according to officials.

Even though Samantha was wearing her white wedding dress, she was pronounced dead at the scene. Aric Hutchinson, her 36-year-old husband, was taken to a hospital with multiple broken bones and a brain injury.

Aric had two operations and was discharged on May 4.

Komoroski, who was not injured in the collision, was arrested and charged with three counts of DUI involving death or serious bodily injury and reckless homicide.

She remains jailed in North Charleston, having been denied bond.

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