James Craig

The mistress of dentist James Craig has gone into hiding after it came out that she was going to fly to Colorado to continue their affair with him on the weekend he is charged with killing his wife.

Karin Cain, an orthodontist in Marble Falls, Texas, did not go to work on Thursday. The day before, she was named as the woman who police say exchanged sexy emails with Craig and met him for trysts earlier this month while he put arsenic and cyanide in his wife’s smoothies to kill her.

The police say that Craig killed his wife Angela by poisoning her protein shakes so that he could start a new life with Cain.

He was taken into custody just hours after his wife was declared brain dead and died on March 19. On Thursday, he went to court in Aurora, Colorado, where he was charged with first-degree murder.

At the same time, Cain was keeping a low profile because the scandal of her meetings with the father of six was the talk of the small town where she is the only dentist.

Neighbors who didn’t want to be named told The Post that they hadn’t seen Cain since the scandal broke. They also said that her car didn’t seem to be at her family’s home.

“If I were her, I’d be in hiding,” one resident said.

“It’s all anyone is talking about in town.”

Cain’s husband, Jason — who she filed to divorce in November 2022 — was at the home.

Divorce papers show that he stays in a trailer on the property most of the time, but comes into the main house to take a shower.

The filings seen by The Post showed that they had both been partners in the dental practise before they broke up in January 2022. Since then, they have been fighting about money, and she has accused him of spending too much, which has forced her to work for free in 2023 to keep the business going.

When asked about it by The Post, Jason said, “No comment.”

Thursday, Jason’s mother told The Post that her main worry was about the couple’s children, who are both over 18 years old.

Craig is accused of making a crazy plan to poison Cain’s wife, but there is no evidence that Cain knew about it. After his wife got sick and was hospitalised for the last time, she broke up with him, according to emails in the arrest warrant.

She is probably not being looked into by the same Aurora police department that charged Craig.

People in Marble Falls were shocked when they heard that Craig was dating Cain. They talked about how she was a great parent and citizen who sent her kids to an elite Christian private school and gave money to many charities.

A local person thought, “It will be interesting to see if she shows up at any of the charity events now.”

People also talked about her business, since she is the only orthodontist in the area, which is about an hour and a half outside of Austin.

In Marble Falls, almost everyone who needs braces is her client.

“She’s the only one in town, so unless you want to drive your kid an hour away, she’ll probably keep her business,” they said, adding that the local community is supportive and will likely stand by her.

Craig’s plot is said to have unraveled after an employee at his office accidentally opened a package labelled for him and found it was arsenic.

Authorities were informed and they started to investigate but it was too late to save Angela. 

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