Hassani Campbell

Details of Disappearance

On August 10, 2009, at 4:15 p.m., Hassani Campbell was allegedly last seen in Oakland, California’s Rockridge neighborhood. Louis Ross, the child’s foster father, claimed to have abandoned the youngster outside his 2002 BMW in the Shuz shoe store’s parking lot on the 6000 block of College Avenue. Ross was dropping off Hassani and his sister Aaliyah, who was one year old, so they could stay with his fiancée Jennifer Campbell.

In addition to running the Shuz business, Jennifer is the aunt and foster mother to the kids. With this case report are pictures of Ross and Jennifer. Ross grabbed Aaliyah with him as he went to open the shop door. He went back to the car, but Hassani was gone. There was nothing of him in the neighbourhood after a thorough search. He couldn’t have travelled very far on his own because of his cerebral palsy.

Due to his original mother’s health issues and drug misuse issues, Hassani had been living with his foster parents since December 2008. When Hassani vanished, it was rumored that his foster parents were pursuing adoption through the legal system. The pair was approved to serve as foster parents by the state division of Children and Family Services, which also noted that they diligently attended to Hassani’s medical requirements. In 2009, he attended James Leitch Elementary School.

After the youngster was reported missing, authorities executed search warrants at his foster parents’ residence in the 5900 block of Roxie Terrace in Fremont, California, seized Ross’ BMW, and placed Aaliyah in protective custody. Ross submitted to a polygraph examination, which he failed, but Jennifer declined, citing her pregnancy and her concern that the examination would have an impact on the foetus.

The couple allegedly engaged in domestic violence at times, and Ross reportedly had second thoughts about parenting a disabled child, according to the authorities. Ross allegedly also once left Hassani and his sister unattended at home while he went to the bank, according to court records. Ross threatened to leave the child on a BART platform in a furious text message to Jennifer on July 31, ten days before Hassani vanished. Later, he said that his anger was directed solely at Jennifer and that he had no plans to abandon Hassani.

Police voiced doubt in Ross’s version of what happened to Hassani. The youngster is said to have disappeared in the heart of a crowded, busy business district, yet no one noticed anything out of the ordinary, and tracker dogs were unable to detect Hassani’s scent there.

Hassani had not been seen by the family’s neighbours for around two weeks prior to the discovery of his disappearance. Police discovered during their investigation that Hassani was last seen by someone other than his foster parents on August 6 at a Fremont Wal-Mart.

His foster parents were detained on August 28, 18 days after Hassani went missing, on suspicion of murder. Ross was going to be accused of murder, and Jennifer was going to be an accessory. Ross was nevertheless released on September 1 and Jennifer on August 31 after prosecutors concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to press charges.

Although they both insist that they are innocent, they are still the major suspects in Hassani’s disappearance. After Jennifer gave birth to a daughter in November 2009, Ross and her broke their relationship and left their Fremont residence.

Because they are unsure of where to look, authorities said they are no longer actively looking for Hassani. Ross and Jennifer insist that he was taken from Oakland, but the police still think his foster parents killed him. His case has not been resolved.

Medical Conditions

Hassani has a condition called cerebral palsy. He can walk, but not run or jump, and he has braces on his feet to support his arches. No one would be able to see the braces.

Distinguishing Characteristics

African-American male. Brown hair, brown eyes. Hassani speaks with a slight lisp. Some accounts spell his first name “Hasanni.”

Investigating Agency

  • Oakland Police Department 510-777-3333

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