Grant Solomon

Grant Solomon, 18, died in a ditch beneath Ward Performance Institute’s parking lot in Gallatin, Tennessee, on July 20, 2020. Grant’s death is shrouded in mystery because the only known witness was his father, Aaron Solomon, a former Nashville radio personality and news anchor.

Grant’s Toyota Tacoma, according to Aaron, must have rolled backwards over his son as he collected his baseball equipment from the vehicle, dragging him across the parking lot pavement and down into a rocky ditch, where Aaron claims Grant became trapped beneath the weight of the truck.

Despite being the son of a prominent local, Grant’s death received little media attention. As time passed and the few details became public via a grassroots social media campaign, many people across the country began to doubt Aaron’s story, his 911 call, police reports, and hospital records.

Aaron claimed to be at the top of the hill, looking down at Grant, who he claimed was trapped beneath the truck, during his 911 call. Aaron claims he never went down to check on or console his son, even after the emergency operator instructed him to do so. Instead, Aaron claimed that he was accompanied by three men who were checking on his son and were unable to lift the truck to free Grant.

The three men were never seen or identified as the ambulance and police arrived near the end of the call. According to EMTs, Grant was not pinned by the weight of the truck because his body was lying between the two front tires.

Grant’s body was found with only three bruises and lacerations to the back of his head at the hospital. The cause of death was assumed to be cardiac arrest caused by blunt force head trauma, but no autopsy was performed because Aaron declined it on hospital paperwork. Aaron reportedly declined helicopter transport as well, though it’s unclear why the hospital made decisions about Grant’s care based on Aaron’s wishes rather than the best interests of the eighteen-year-old.

Grant’s mother, Angie, a Doctor of Pharmacy, has also questioned how her son could have been dragged across rough gravel and down into a rocky ditch when his body was so “in tact” with no abrasions or burns that one would expect from a dragging death and a hot vehicle that had only been driven for an hour.

People have also questioned why a deeper investigation into Grant’s death was never conducted, given that he, his sister Gracie, and their mother Angie had all claimed for years that Aaron Solomon was abusive and that they all feared for their lives. People are also curious as to how Aaron was repeatedly granted custody of the children while Angie was demonized by the court system to the point of being barred from bringing Aaron to court, especially since mental health professionals stated that Angie was not an unfit mother, but rather an abused wife.

There was an open DCS case on the children regarding Aaron at the time of Grant’s death, and they had been granted a guardian ad litum, attorney Heather Webb. Webb testified in court that Aaron Solomon was abusing both of his children and that, in the months leading up to Grant’s death, she had never witnessed such a high level of control over the children by their father.

Surprisingly, Grant’s death was investigated for less than an hour, and neither DCS nor the Highway Patrol were notified to conduct further investigation.

Grant was planning to testify against Aaron in court about the extent of his father’s alleged abuse, according to his mother, sister, and friends. Grant was particularly determined, according to his family and friends, to protect his younger sister from sexual abuse.

Gracie Solomon went on record in a YouTube video in the spring of 2021, alleging abuse at the hands of her father. Gracie claimed her father raped her, and she believes Aaron killed Grant to silence his son and protect himself from sexual abuse allegations.

Aaron was substantiated in court as the perpetrator of his daughter’s sexual abuse in recent months, thanks to a grassroots social media campaign to raise awareness and demand a thorough investigation. Aaron is currently awaiting the outcome of his second appeal in the case.

To date, a few independent writers, journalists, and YouTube creators have attempted to raise awareness about Grant’s mysterious death and the numerous allegations of abuse leveled against Aaron Solomon.

They have also raised numerous concerns about the roles Grace Chapel and Grace Christian Academy may have played in Grant’s death by allegedly protecting Aaron and failing to report abuse allegations. Failure to report abuse allegations is a crime in Tennessee, as all residents are “mandated” to say something when there is reason to suspect abuse. Instead, there are numerous records that support Angie and Gracie’s claims that Aaron’s behavior was ignored over the years.

Despite numerous disturbing allegations involving not only Aaron Solomon but also many high-profile leaders in and around Franklin, Tennessee, the news media has chosen not to cover this story, and a growing number of concerned citizens want to know why.

A petition has been started to have Grant’s death properly investigated, and a GoFundMe campaign has been started to help Angie and Gracie with their legal fees against Aaron.

Concerned parties urge Tennessee authorities and news agencies to take a closer look at Grant Solomon’s mysterious death and seek justice after nearly three years.

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