Good Samaritan

According to police, a good Samaritan who stopped his car to assist a family of ducks crossing a road in California was struck and killed by a teenage driver.

According to a statement from the Rocklin Police Department, the incident happened on Thursday in Rocklin, California, about 25 miles northeast of Sacramento, when the male driver parked his car at the intersection of Park Drive and Stanford Ranch Boulevard when he noticed a family of ducks attempting to cross the busy streets.

However, when the man, identified by ABC News’ Sacramento affiliate KXTV as 41-year-old Casey Rivara, got out and attempted to shepherd the ducks across the road, a teenage driver driving eastbound on Stanford Ranch Boulevard hit the man as he attempted his good deed.

“This juvenile driver struck the pedestrian who was in the roadway,” the Rocklin Police Department reported. “The driver stayed at the scene of the accident.” First responders arrived to help, but the man died at the scene.”

Following the collision, the Major Accident Investigation Team was activated and responded to the area, and police say the intersection was closed for nearly six hours while authorities conducted their investigation, which lasted until around 2 a.m. Friday when the road was reopened.

“Both of our lives were ruined. “I think it’s terrible, both his and the person who hit him,” community member Diane Myerson told KXTV. “He was doing something nice, and he died for it.” Nobody thinks that they get out to help an animal or a person that they’re going to be killed.”

According to police, the teen driver was not arrested, and the incident is still being investigated.

According to KXTV, Rivara, who worked at Maria Montessori Charter Academy, was driving his children home from swim practice when he noticed the mother duck and ducklings struggling to cross the busy intersection.

“We would like to extend our condolences to all involved in this tragic event,” said the Rocklin Police Department.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Rocklin Police Department.

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