The strange thing happened in New Mexico, USA, and it spread quickly on social media.
A video surveillance camera that was set up in a local cemetery caught the ghost of a little girl who looked a lot like a girl who had died nearby two years before.

Faviola Rodriguez died when she was only two years old.
She lived in Las Cruces, and in 2018 she died in a terrible way.
Sandra Gonzalez, Faviola’s mother, had to leave her daughter with her 23-year-old boyfriend Lalo Anthony Castrillo one night because she had to go to work quickly.

A few hours after Sandra went to work, an ambulance was sent to her house, where the body of a dead girl was found.
Lalo Anthony Castrillo says he doesn’t know what happened to the child because he only saw the girl lying unconscious in a pool of vomit.
But the doctors could see right away that the girl’s head and body were full of new bruises.

An autopsy showed that Faviola died from injuries to her head and inside her body.
Faviola’s death was blamed on Lalo Anthony Castrillo, who was charged with child abuse.
Faviola’s mother was shocked by what happened and first blamed herself.

Faviola was buried in the local Masonic Cemetery with a large photo and flowers on a beautiful tombstone.
People in her family and circle of friends brought a lot of toys to the girl’s grave. But someone started stealing these toys, so Sandra Gonzalez asked the people who work at the cemetery to watch over the grave.

The grave next to her was that of a young man who had just been killed by a thief.
The family of the person who was killed thought that the same person who killed their son was taking toys from Faviola’s grave.
So, they put a security camera on a nearby tree to try to find the person who did the damage if he came back.
The people in charge of the cemetery agreed to this step because they think the camera will catch the person who was stealing toys from Faviola Rodriguez’s grave.

When the victim’s family came to look at the footage one day, they saw something very scary and strange.
No one came back to mess with the grave, but they did see the ghost of a little girl.

Since the video was taken in the middle of the night, it seemed very strange that a small child could be in the cemetery alone.
The ghost of the little girl didn’t just stand or walk near the grave. Instead, she got close to the grave of the man who had been killed and bent over the tombstone as if she wanted to look at a picture of him.

The pictures made the family of the man who was killed very worried, so they showed them right away to the people who work at the cemetery.
The cemetery workers said they knew the little girl, so they led the family to Faviola’s grave, which wasn’t far from where their son was buried.

The next day, the family of the man who was killed went back to the cemetery and saw Sandra and her grandmother at Faviola’s grave.
They showed them the pictures from the camera, and Sandra started crying when she saw a fuzzy picture of her daughter.
She said over and over, “This is my daughter, I know it, this is her.”

The camera also caught something else that night that the family of the person who was killed did not see right away.
Even though the picture was very blurry, you could see a small silhouette moving away into the distance and a tall silhouette next to it, like a child next to an adult.

Sandra said that it seemed like the ghost of her daughter had gone to the grave to take the soul of the person who had been killed with her to heaven.

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