George Musser

A missing 20-year-old Minnesota college student was discovered dead on Christmas Eve after leaving a bar without a coat despite subzero conditions.

According to local authorities, George Musser’s body was discovered approximately 7 p.m. on Christmas Day in Baytown Township.

Sunday, Baytown police stated, “There is no additional information at this time as this case is currently under investigation.”

Emily Dalbec, Musser’s cousin, verified the awful news via a Facebook post: “I am heartbroken to report that the police have discovered his body.”

Saturday at 2:00 a.m., Musser, a student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, was last seen alive at Brian’s Bar in Stillwater, east of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Ally McKay disclosed to CBS Minneapolis that she had spoken with Musser.

George Musser

Musser was last seen early on Saturday morning at Stillwater’s Brian’s Bar, when he informed pals he was going to the restroom but never returned.

George Musser
Police said despite sub-zero temperatures, Musser walked out of the bar without a jacket.
Facebook/Stillwater MN Police De

“He approached the table where I was seated with my companions and began conversing with us,” she recalled. And then, after telling us he had to use the restroom, he never returned.

The keys and wallet of Musser were located near the pub, and his vehicle remained parked outside, according to the police. The 20-year-old left the drinking establishment clad just in jeans, a plaid shirt, and a stocking cap, despite the morning’s minus-2-degree weather.

Friends and family began a large search for Musser on Saturday, which lasted through Sunday and involved more than 100 volunteers who spent hours searching for the missing man in the extreme temperatures.

George Musser
Family and friends launched a search for Musser, which came to involve 100 people on Christmas Day.
Facebook/Stillwater MN Police De

Following the tragic finding on Sunday, Musser’s other cousin, Heidi Kram, stated in the GoFundMe page’s description, “This was not the outcome we had hoped for. We know that George has entered paradise and that God and his heavenly family will care for him until we see him again.

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