Fortnite Season 4

A mysterious material has appeared on the Island in Fortnite Season 4. Chrome will be everything and swallow everything. Turning structures Chrome, being Chrome, and demonstrating the potency of Chrome weaponry are all ways to embrace the Chrome.

Fortnite Season 4: Phase Through walls

Phase Through walls

Chrome is superior to wood, stone, brick, and metal. A fortification was constructed by an adversary? Toss some Chrome Splash at the walls to make them permeable, then leap through the structure to acquire an advantage over your rival!

Fortnite Season 4: The best shape of your life

The best shape of your life

Throw down a Chrome Splash to Chrome-ify yourself because you can’t defeat it. For a brief period of time, you’ll be pure Chrome, which will make you immune to fire damage and… turn you into a Blob as you sprint. But don’t be fooled by this bulbous shape. You’ll move more quickly, be protected from fall damage, and be able to air dash when Blobbed. Run into any piece of the building, Chrome-ify it, and then move through it!

Home Sweet Chrome: Fortnite Season 4

Home Sweet Chrome

Chrome has created a brand-new point of interest in addition to occupying existing ones. Obtain this tower of dignified and hexagonal foundations by ascending Herald’s Sanctum, which is close to the deserted Sanctuary.

A New Kind Of High Ground

A New Kind Of High Ground

Some Island locales, most notably Condo Canyon, are looking for “safety” in the air due to their dread of Chrome. Attack from above in this growing POI, now known as Cloudy Condos. How might one ascend there? Use a D-Launcher, which you can find around the island in various locations, to help you ascend higher ground.

Fortnite Season 4: Better With Age

EvoChrome Shotgun

The development of the EvoChrome Shotgun and EvoChrome Burst Rifle was prompted by the introduction of Chrome. These weapons can be obtained from Chrome Chests, and as you deal more damage to opponents with them, their rarity will rise. From common to mythic, take them!

Key to Success

Key to Success

There are more options besides becoming Chrome to realize your potential. You’ll probably find keys on the island; use them to unlock vaults containing treasure! One Key is needed to access a low-security vault whereas two Keys are needed to enter a high-security vault (for a greater payout!). Where is this locked loot to be found? You’ll find keyhole indications on your map to aid you after gathering one or more Keys.

Bunker Down:

Bunker Down

being attacked by enemies? This season, a Port-A-Bunker, which replaces the Port-A-Fort, allows you to quickly deploy powerful cover. Throw down the Port-A-Bunker to instantly erect a 1×1 structure with reinforced metal walls, a flexible ramp, doors, and defensive tires to fend off any intruders – no construction is necessary!

Kick Slide

Slide Kick

Oh, and when you slide into opponents, they now get knocked back!

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