Athena Brownfield

According to recently made public court records, Athena Brownfield was allegedly beaten to death on Christmas Day by one of her carers and buried next to a fence.

After both of the child’s carers were detained last week, the hunt for the four-year-old Oklahoma girl was renamed a “recovery operation” to locate her remains.

Athena and her sister Adina, 5, had been living with Ivon Adams, 36, and his estranged wife Alysia Adams, 31, for two years in Cyril, Oklahoma.

As reported by KSWO, court documents show that on January 12, Alysia told detectives that Ivon had killed Athena by beating her around Christmastime.

At roughly 1 a.m. on December 26th, Ivon allegedly battered the child while holding her by the arms and then fled the residence.

It is claimed in court papers that upon Ivon’s return home, he informed Alysia that he had buried Athena next to their former fence in Rush Springs.

There was a report that Ivon left the house and headed to Rush Springs at roughly 4:15 a.m., based on the time stamps on her phone.

The charges against Ivon include one count of first-degree murder and one crime of child negligence, while Alysia faces two counts of child neglect.

On Thursday, he was apprehended in Arizona; he’ll soon be transferred to Oklahoma to face these allegations there. On the same day the sisters were detained in Oklahoma, so was their cousin Alysia.

According to the papers filed in court, Ivon and Alysia also failed to enrol the girls in school or take them for regular checkups at the pediatrician’s office. We still haven’t located Athena’s skeleton.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation claimed this week that “Special Agents” have been scouring regions of Caddo County “alongside our partners at the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) for the remains of a missing infant.

The organization has requested that members of the public refrain from assisting in the search, citing the risks of trespassing and tainting evidence as reasons.

The OSBI claims that they have interviewed the sisters’ biological parents and that they are cooperative with the inquiry despite not being identified. Sister of Athena has been placed in secure custody.

The search has included a helicopter, boats, all-terrain vehicles, a specially trained ground team, and an examination of CCTV video from the area surrounding Cyril.

Cyril has also delayed trash collection until authorities investigate.

The FBI reported that its agents were investigating tips from citizens in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

There are no listed defence lawyers in the inmate database who could address the allegations.

Authorities have confirmed that they are married, but it appears that they have separated, as Alysia was spotted enjoying a weekend away with her lover only days after Athena disappeared.

In her report, the postal worker who located Athena’s sister stated that she had investigated the residence and found no one to be there.

Adina allegedly told the worker that Athena, who is described as “quite shy,” had disappeared and that she was hungry.

Alysia, the sister’s guardian, was spotted going out to the movies and eating in Oklahoma City with her new boyfriend, Blayden Davis, on the weekend of January 7 and 8.

Alysia frequently uploads movies to TikTok in which she raps, sings along to the N-word, and makes lighthearted flicks about her hectic motherhood.

In contrast to her other four children, Athena and Adina were never featured on her Instagram account. How the girls came to be under her care is a mystery.

Penny Brownfield, the children’s paternal grandmother, is currently residing in Cyril and has joined the search for her lost grandson.

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