Fawn Marie Mountain

Disappearance of Fawn Marie

Fawn Marie Mountain was last seen on November 25, 2012.  She lived in Claysburg, Pennsylvania, with her partner, Heather Dibert, in a trailer on Binks Mill Court. They went to Dibert’s parents’ house a few days after Thanksgiving to help clean and sanitize their butcher shop.

Fawn Marie and Dibert lived in the same trailer park as Dibert’s brother and his girlfriend, so the four of them went home together. This is the last time Mountain saw the girlfriend of Dibert’s brother. No one has ever heard from her again.

The next morning, Dibert’s brother’s girlfriend saw him talking to Dibert’s parents while smoking a cigarette outside. She asked Dibert where Mountain was, and Dibert said that when she got up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom, Mountain was gone, and she hadn’t seen her since. Mountain left behind all of her clothes and an urn with the ashes of her stillborn child. She always carried the urn with her everywhere.

Over the next few weeks, Dibert seemed very calm about her partner’s absence, which was strange because she was very possessive of Mountain and didn’t like to go anywhere without her. A week after Mountain went missing, Dibert’s family tore up the floor and did a complete remodel of the trailer. Dibert then moved to Ohio.

Fawn Marie Mountain

After a few months, she went back to Pennsylvania with a new boyfriend, whom she later married. She told people different things about Mountain, like that she was in prison in Ohio or working in the sex trade in New York.

Dibert was controlling and mean to Mountain, and he had been violent in other relationships with other people. Dibert once tried to choke Mountain, according to Mountain’s mother, and Mountain went to the hospital many times because of injuries caused by Dibert.

When Mountain went missing, she had not been in touch with her own family. She fought with her mother a lot, but she always kept in touch with her friends and family. Then, in 2011, she filed a restraining order against her mother. So, she wasn’t thought to be missing for years. Her family thinks that Dibert is the reason why Mountain stopped talking to them.

Mountain hasn’t seen her mother since October 2012. Mountain and her partner, Heather Dibert, got into a fight, and Mountain went to her mother’s house even though Heather Dibert still had a restraining order against her. This meant that Mountain’s mother broke the court order. When Dibert found out that Mountain had been at her house, she called the police, and Mountain’s mother was locked up for the weekend. She never got to see her child again.

Mountain’s family tried to get in touch with her in April 2015 because her stepfather was in the hospital and dying. They sent a family friend to Mountain’s last known home, a trailer on Binks Mill Court, but Dibert told the person that Mountain had “taken off” three years earlier.

Mountain’s family reported her missing at this time. Even though she had problems with them, they said they didn’t think she would have cut them out of her life for good.

Mountain had two children, but she didn’t have custody of them when she went missing. It’s not clear if Dibert is a suspect in her disappearance, which is still a mystery.


Caucasian female. Brown hair, blue eyes. Mountain’s ears and lip are pierced. She has a large tattoo on her back of an angel with wings and the words “RIP Kaydin”, and a tattoo of the name “Braydin” on her neck. Mountain may dye her hair black or auburn. Her nickname is Bambie.

Investigating Agency

  • Pennsylvania State Police 814-696-6100

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