Father Love for Daughter

This is 14-year-old French girl Kalinka Bamberski. In 1982, 14-year-old Kalinka Bamberski was enrolled in a French-speaking boarding school in Germany. She was a sporty and active girl. She spent the summer vacation at her mother and stepfather’s house in Lindau.

She spent a brief period of time in Lindau, Germany, during the summer of 1982 with her mother and her stepfather, Dr. Dieter Krombach.

On the fateful evening of July 9, Krombach administered a shot of Kobalt-Ferrlecit to Kalinka.

The following day, Krombach told the police that he had simply found her dead when he woke up.

She died for an undetermined reason, and Krombach escaped punishment for her murder. Andre, Kalinka’s biological father, became suspicious as a result and started questioning her more.

After doing some research, Andre came to the conclusion that Krombach had attempted to rape Kalinka by injecting her with the drug. Although Andre pushed for a trial against Krombach, the German courts ruled that there wasn’t enough evidence to bring an accusation.

But in 1995, the French courts formally handed down Krombach’s 15-year prison term for homicide in his absence.

Krombach even admitted to drugging and raping another girl two years later in a German case, for which he was sentenced to a two-year suspension and lost his medical license.

Sadly, the European Court of Human Rights overturned Krombach’s 1995 manslaughter conviction in 2001, and all efforts to extradite him for a new trial were unsuccessful. Germany’s trial was formally concluded.

However, Krombach was kidnapped from Germany in 2009 by Andre and three other men, who then left him bound up close to a French police station where they could easily find him.

He had been formally tried in court by the French administrators and courts despite Germany’s requests to send him back.

Krombach was ultimately given a manslaughter sentence of 15 years in prison after additional victims testified that Krombach had drug-injected them prior to raping them.

Kalinka’s father, Andre, was sentenced and given a suspended sentence for kidnapping Krombach.

But in my opinion, Andre Bamberski was a courageous father who spent 30 years of his life to bring about justice in his daughter’s murder.

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