Northridge Lake

On Wednesday, 911 dispatchers received a call about a possible suicidal subject that was “threatening to drive her vehicle into ‘the lake’ with her daughter inside.”

The woman, who was 25 years old, and the girl, who was seven years old, were identified by their families on Thursday after their bodies were discovered inside of their submerged car in Northridge Lake in Milwaukee.

On Friday, the family revealed that Khalilah Brister and her daughter Tyrielle Jefferson were the two individuals in question. Since then, the Office of the Medical Examiner for Milwaukee County has also confirmed those individuals’ identities.

A car was reportedly spotted underwater near 70th and Brown Deer in Milwaukee at around 1 p.m. on Thursday, according to police.

The bodies were extricated by fire fighters in Milwaukee.

More details about the incident were released on Friday by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Police Department transferred a call to the OEM 911 Dispatch Center from the Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) about a possible suicidal subject who was “threatening to drive her vehicle into ‘the lake’ with her daughter inside.”

Bradford Beach was the initial location where deputy sheriffs were deployed. The Sheriff’s Office, however, claims that they were contacted by OEM again before they arrived and told that the call had been cancelled because “the subjects had left the scene.” Some speculated that they were leaving the area.

The Sheriff’s Office reports that even after cancelling the call, one of the nearby deputies went out to look for the people and the car, but couldn’t find them.

The mother of the adult subject contacted the MCSO Criminal Investigations Division at 9:40 a.m. on Thursday, expressing continued worry over the fact that she had not heard from her daughter since 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

The Sheriff’s Office claims that its continued efforts to locate the woman and her car were fruitless.

Shortly after 1 p.m. Thursday, MCSO was notified by OEM that MPD found the vehicle submerged in the water near 72nd and Brown Deer. Brister and Tyrielle were then recovered from the car.

Tyrielle attended Hope Christian Academy in Milwaukee, where she studied in the first grade.
Her aunt Naijae James recalled, “She was honestly just the sweetest little girl.”
Her great-uncle Donnell Boose remarked, “Little girl just had so much joy, so much life.” “Simply whenever you see her. How joyfully feisty! This one is a doozy. This is a challenging situation.”

The TMJ4 News team contacted Brister’s loved ones. In spite of her mental illness, the mother clearly loved her daughter and was a good parent, according to the friend who shared this information with me.

Tyrielle’s paternal relatives are having a hard time processing the news.

Boose lamented, “My nephew is just, he’s just destroyed.”

“We all just trying to keep him surrounded by love and family, not trying to let him be alone,” James said.

It was clear that Brister was struggling with something, but Boose speculated that she didn’t know how to effectively seek help.

Relatives claim that Brister used another woman’s phone near the Milwaukee waterfront before taking her daughter to Northridge Lake. That lady was worried about the young mom and her kid.

According to Boose, “she called the police and photographed the licence plates.” Because she was on her way to Brown Deer, she reassured her by giving her twenty dollars and assuring her that everything would be all right.

Milwaukee police say this is still an active investigation.

Anyone with any additional information is asked to contact Milwaukee Police at (414) 935-7360 or to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at (414) 224-Tips or P3 Tips.

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