Louisiana couple

A Louisiana couple has been arrested in connection with the 1992 cold case slaying of a newborn girl who had been smothered and dumped into a Mississippi restaurant’s dumpster.

nga Johansen Carriere and Andrew K. Carriere II, both 50, were accused of first-degree murder after police — using advanced DNA technology — identified the pair as the infant’s parents.

The farmer found the tiny body while gathering trash to feed his animals in the town of Picayune, Miss., where the heartless killing shocked everyone.

According to Fox 8, the dead infant had been placed inside a trash bag along with some trash and a towel.

The baby was about three weeks premature, according to the Mississippi State Medical Examiner’s Office, and she was only alive for a short while before she was suffocated.

A Mississippi Bureau of Investigation agent offered to assist when the case was reopened in 2021 thanks to a grant that would pay for forensic genetic testing of the evidence and despite Picayune Police collecting some pieces of evidence from the crime scene.

The Louisiana state police collected the DNA of the grandparents’ four children after the tests revealed matching grandparents who lived there. Officials were able to connect the infant to the Carrieres through the testing.

The couple’s arrest warrants were served on Inga on February 28 and Andrew on March 9 in Galliano, Louisiana. The couple was charged with murder as well as desecration of a body.

While awaiting extradition to Mississippi, the two are being held without bond at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Facility.

Freedy Drennan, a former investigator who worked on the case decades ago, thanked his successors for their persistence as he visited the baby’s grave at a local cemetery.

The Louisiana State Police said in a statement the “breakthrough in the case is a testament to the advancements in forensic technology and the dedication of law enforcement agencies to bring justice to victims and their families.”

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