Decorr Kunzz

On July 10, 2015, a two-year-old named DeOrR Kunz went missing from a campsite in Idaho while he was with his family. The members of this family have long been suspected, but no evidence implicating them has ever surfaced. The decorator went camping with his family and some friends. His parents believed his grandparents were following him, so they took a stroll. The young boy was no longer there when they returned.

The region that DeOrr disappeared is very, very remote with a rough dirt road as an entry point.

Details of Case

Tragically, a mother’s spontaneous camping trip with her two-year-old son, DeOrr Kunz Jr., ends when she reports him missing from the Timber Creek Campground near Leadore, Idaho (about ten miles west).

Police and their former private investigator have spent the years since labelling the parents as suspects due to their repeated attempts at deceit. However, there isn’t much evidence and neither parent has confessed. DeOrr Kunz Jr.’s disappearance into obscurity has left his family’s former admirers wondering why he has abandoned them.

On December 30, 2012, in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Jessica Mitchell and her then-fiancé, Vernal DeOrr Kunz Sr., welcomed their son, DeOrr Jay Kunz Jr. Little Man was the nickname he received from his mom and dad. An ordinary kid with an extraordinary zest for life, he was always upbeat, curious, and ready to have a good time.

Mitchell and Vernal made the unexpected decision to go camping on July 10, 2015. She then extended an invitation to the couple’s lodger, her grandfather Robert Walton. Issac Reinwand, a friend of Walton’s, joined them on the trip, despite having previously claimed to have never met either Walton’s invited guests or DeOrr.

The group of five piled into the truck, hooked up the camper trailer, and drove for two hours to reach Leadore. Instead of stopping at the campground, they drive another 40 minutes to the Stage Stop in Leadore, where the couple claims the store clerk saw them with their son.

Decorr Kunzz

Later questioning revealed, however, that the clerk had in fact seen a blond boy at 6:00 p.m. that evening, not within the 1-to-3 a.m. window that the parents had reported to police. Vernal Kunz claimed the clerk was “mistaken” in the future, but his words continue to be investigated today.

Even though it was expected to be over 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) that day, Mitchell, Vernal, and DeOrr set up chairs and lit a fire in the firepit when they arrived at the campground. While that’s going on, Walton says he accidentally left the trailer door open, so he goes ahead and opens it and relaxes inside.

According to Reinwand, he went fishing in the nearby waterway shortly after arriving, but returned when the child was reported missing.

Mitchell claims that when Jessica and Vernal had finished their work, Jessica yelled to her grandfather that they were leaving DeOrr behind so that they could investigate the grounds. Walton, however, insisted that he was unaware of his parental responsibilities and that he had never heard Jessica’s call.

Within thirty minutes, DeoRr’s family would realize he was gone and fear he had been kidnapped.

The 911 Call

Mother’s 911 phone call released — “My 2-year-old son, we can’t find him…” LEADER – The Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office has released the 911 phone call where 2-year-old DeOrr Kunz was initially.

Decorr Kunzz

The brief (a little over four minutes) 911 call supposedly lacks the sobbing grief one would expect from a parent whose child has just been murdered. Mitchell’s lack of emotional appeal has led many to speculate that she has accepted guilt, though it is possible that she is still in a state of shock.

You can hear Vernal, DeOrr’s dad, calling 911 in the background of Mitchell’s call.

As a stamp or postage image Image of a map indicating the travel time and distance to the Timber Creek campground from Leadore, Idaho.

Due to Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz Srinconsistent .’s statements throughout the investigation into their son DeOrr’s disappearance, Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman named them suspects in January 2016.

There have been quite a few potential suspects, but so far no one has been brought to justice. DeOrr has been classified as “missing” at this time.

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