Madeleine McCann

When questioned with specific specifics, the father of Julia Wendell, the lady who claims to be Madeleine McCann, “backpedalled.”

Julia, age 21, has often asserted that she is the missing seven-year-old who was last seen on holiday in Portugal with her parents.

Her problematic allegations began when she was greeted with backpedalling by her father, who had initially asserted unequivocally that he was her father but now appears uncertain.

Julia’s departure to the United States and her relationship with her family have since been exposed, but the 21-year-old has spoken up about her father, who no longer speaks to her.

Madeleine McCann

She claimed to have challenged her father in June 2022 about their biological relationship, to which her father replied, “of course.”

He appears to have backed down since then, with Julia speaking to her father in an interview with RadarOnline.

“I don’t know if you’re watching this… but I’ve always known you’re a decent person,” she remarked to the camera.

“I’m almost sure that you’re scared, which is the reason you’re not talking to me now but you’re the only person that didn’t block me and you’re still reading my messages.

Madeleine McCann

“You’re my dad. You always were my dad. Don’t be scared. You always said to me that I’m a tiger and I have to fight with people who bullied me in school.

“I have to fight with my past … You taught me this. You can be this tiger too.”

Julia recently discussed her father with private investigator Dr. Fia Johnson, stating that her now estranged father was “scared” of the upcoming DNA findings.

In an emotional speech delivered to camera, she went on to characterise her father, who was not named in the video, as a “caring” man.

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