Christopher Kerze

On April 20, 1990, 17-year-old Christopher Kerze vanished from his home in Eagan, Minnesota. He told his parents he wasn’t feeling well and would be staying home from school, then vanished.

Background of Christopher Kerze

On February 19, 1973, Christopher Matthew Kerze entered the world to the delight of his parents, Jim and Loni Kerze.

Christoper graduated from a high school in Eagan, Minnesota, where he had a stellar reputation as a bright and diligent student. He was one of the top students in the country and a top ten semi-finalist for the National Scholar award.

Details of Disappearance

Christopher Kerze called his parents on the morning of April 20, 1990 to tell them he was sick with a headache and would not be attending school that day.

While she was gone, she gave him some over-the-counter pain medication for his headache. His dad was out on a work trip during that time.

Christopher was not to be seen when his parents returned home.

A light blue 1988 Dodge Caravan, belonging to the family, was also stolen, and the dog was seen roaming free in the backyard.

They discovered a note that read, “Mom, something important came up + feeling somewhat better.” on the kitchen table. Be there at six. Unless I get hopelessly lost. Sincerely, Chris”

Chris was last seen leaving work that day and hasn’t been heard from again.

A handwritten note, dated and postmarked from Duluth, Minnesota, was sent to his parents’ home the following day via USPS.

According to the note, Christopher pretended to be sick so he could take the van and go “to not even I know where.” Further, he apologized to his family and friends and claimed that he planned to take his own life.

Investigation of Case

Christopher took $200 from his savings account on the day he vanished.

Nothing was taken from the house, but the man’s father’s shotgun, a Mossberg 20-gauge with a three-shell clip, was gone.

The family van was discovered on April 22, 1990, about 20 miles north of Grand Rapids, Minnesota, along Minnesota 38 in Itasca County. After a thorough search, authorities couldn’t find Christopher, but they did recover the van’s keys and a note identifying its owner.

Christopher’s grandparents lived in the Grand Rapids area, so it’s possible that’s why he left the van there.

Soon after Christopher went missing, his parents got a tip from someone who said they picked up a hitchhiker who looked like Christopher and begged to be brought to Duluth, where Christopher’s suicide note had been mailed from. This is an unsubstantiated rumor.

An anonymous letter was sent to the Eagan Police Department in 2004 advising them to give up searching for Christopher because he would come home when he was ready. No one at the police station could tell if the letter was written by Christopher or not.


Christopher Kerze’s location and circumstances surrounding his disappearance are unclear.

The police believe Christopher Kerze committed himself, and the gun may have been left in a rural area of Minnesota.

His parents have maintained the same telephone number in case he wishes to contact home.

His status as an endangered missing person remains unresolved.


Christopher Kerze

Born on February 19, 1973, a Caucasian man with brown hair and brown eyes. His height and weight at the time of his disappearance were 5’11 and 135 pounds.

He has a little scar in his hairline on the left side of his head’s front and a small red birthmark on the sole of his foot.

Chris and Rick-O are his aliases. He is allergic to sulfa medications.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Christopher Kerze please contact the Eagan Police Department at (612) 454-3900.

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