Christopher Abeyta

Details of Disappearance

In the early hours of 15 July 1986, Christopher Abeyta’s parents were unable to locate him. They had put him to bed at midnight and discovered the empty crib the following morning. The garage door opener and a basement window were missing. Christopher is no longer known to exist. His parents alerted the police around 6:30 a.m. On the night of his disappearance, the front door was unlocked but there were no traces of a forced entry when cops arrived.

Christopher’s family first appeared to be possible suspects in his case. Prior to Christopher’s abduction, his parents had divorced but were in the process of reuniting; the night of Christopher’s disappearance was the first night his father had spent in the house since the separation. She failed two polygraph examinations due to a withdrawal from tranquillizers, which she blamed on his mother.

Authorities have neither cleared Christopher’s parents of participation in the case nor charged them in relation to it. Three weeks after his disappearance, they emptied Quail Lake, located three blocks from his family’s home, in an attempt to locate his remains. They gained nothing.

Christopher Abeyta

Family members of Christopher refuse to acknowledge his demise. They assume he and his caretakers are unaware that he was taken. Christopher’s family members manage a website with details on his case. Texas and New Mexico are at the top of his list of potential locales. According to the website, Christopher’s family had been receiving hang-up calls for around six months prior to his disappearance. The calls ceased when he disappeared, but resumed some months later.

Emma Bradshaw, who had an affair with Christopher’s father and a history of breaking and entering, is believed by his sister to be the abductor. Bradshaw maintains her innocence, and the police have not labelled her as a suspect in the baby’s disappearance. Bradshaw won a $150,000 civil judgement against Christopher’s sister in 2015 for interfering with her career.

Christopher’s family accused the Colorado Springs Police Department of negligence and ineptitude for destroying the majority of the case evidence after his abduction. His disappearance remains unsolved.


Caucasian male, blonde locks with blue eyes Christopher’s ancestry is Swedish, German, and Spanish. As he ages, his hair may become brown or brownish-blonde. Christopher may be of ordinary to above-average height, like his father and brothers.

Investigating Agency

  • Colorado Springs Police Department 719-444-7000

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