Chris Vigil

Chris Vigil

A young boy named Christopher William “Chris” Vigil disappeared in 1978 while hiking. He got lost in the woods and might have been abducted, or he might have died of exposure.

Chris Vigil Missing Since: April 30, 1978, Missing For: 44 years, Missing From: Poudre Park, Colorado,

Age: 9 year, Age Now: 54 year, Sex: Male, Race: White, Hight: 4’8, Weight: 74 pounds and Suspected exposure was his classification

Chris Vigil’s Case

On April 30, 1978, Chris was last seen. On the Grey Rock Mountain Trail in the Poudre Canyon in Poudre Park, Colorado, off Highway 14, he was hiking with his mother and younger brother. He hiked ahead of his family, lost the trail, and disappeared, according to reports. Three hours after she last saw him, at 5:30 p.m., his mother reported him missing.

On that particular day, there were a number of other hikers on the trail, both solo hikers and small groups. Three of them came forward and provided statements to the police, but the majority of them have never been identified.

Chris, according to two female hikers who had been travelling together, was seen. They mentioned seeing a man perched on some rocks as well. The man was described as having dark hair, a dark complexion, and he was carrying a camera around his neck while donning a straw cowboy hat. This man’s identity is unknown. When the two women heard two voices, one of which was that of a young boy, they assumed it to be Christopher’s voice. They were eating lunch not far from the unidentified man.

They were unable to understand what was being said, but at one point the boy began screaming. The women had a bad feeling, but they were too terrified to look into it. After a brief interval of yelling, the women resumed their descent of the trail after finishing their meals. The unidentified man had been sitting in the same location when they passed by, but now only a Diet Pepsi can remained on the ground. The can was picked up by one of the women, who then threw it in the garbage.

When Chris disappeared, he had a can of Diet Pepsi in his possession. Despite the fact that littering was against his behavioral norm, it was his preferred beverage.

Allen Shoupan was the third hiker who could be positively identified. Shoupan was ruled out as the mystery man because he was blond, did not resemble him, and had a different trajectory. Shoupan couldn’t remember seeing the man with the dark hair.

Chris’s disappearance occurred on a very chilly, windy night with rain and snow. Without shelter, Chris wouldn’t have survived the overnight temperature drop below zero. Chris had never hiked that trail before, so he was also unfamiliar with the terrain.

170 searchers on foot, 30 on horses, three helicopters, and some tracking dogs participated in the extensive search. The investigation turned up nothing.

The following months saw numerous unverified sightings of Chris in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. Witnesses claimed to have seen a dirty, scared, and scared-looking boy who resembled Chris selling newspapers in order to win a trip to Disneyland.

Chris and his family were residents of Laporte, Colorado, at the time of his disappearance. He attended Cache la Poudre Elementary School and was a well-liked honour roll student. He enjoyed reading, swimming, skating, riding a bike, and running. Additionally, he went to the Colorado town of Fort Collins’ Meadowlark Church of Christ.

His disappearance is still a mystery.

Chris Vigil age progressed
Age progressed

Characteristics of Chris Vigil

  • According to age very tall
  • Green Eyes
  • Brown Hair

Accessories and Clothing

  • Blue sneaker
  • Green plaid pants
  • White socks
  • Maroon denim jacket
  • Dark green knit shirt

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