Bob Lee

Video of a tragic death After being stabbed in San Francisco early on Tuesday, Cash App inventor Bob Lee begged for assistance but was ignored by bystanders.

According to CCTV video obtained by the San Francisco Standard, the 43-year-old MobileCoin chief product officer approached a parked automobile with its hazard flashers on to ask for assistance before succumbing to his wounds.

Lee was seen on camera lifting his shirt to reveal the driver his two stab wounds, but as the car was leaving, he fell to the ground.

At 2:34 a.m., Lee frantically dialed 911, screaming to the operator that he had been stabbed and needed to go to the hospital.

Bob Lee was stabbed to death early Tuesday in San Francisco.
The fatal attack left the sidewalks of the Rincon Hill neighborhood stained with blood.

He passed away after being sent to San Francisco General Hospital. As of Thursday morning, the police had not made any arrests or identified any suspects in the stabbing.

The gruesome murder-suicide left a trail of blood along the pavement outside the building where Lee collapsed in the city’s affluent Rincon Hill neighborhood, which is in the constituency of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Police have not specified if the stabbing was an intentional or random act of violence.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott stated that he had “nothing to share yet” during a meeting of the Police Commission on Wednesday.

Scott stated, “We are going to be thoughtful about following the evidence and we’ll put out what we’ll put out as soon as we can. We don’t want to be premature and we certainly don’t have to speculate.”

According to his friend Jake Shields, Lee, a father of two and longtime Bay Area resident, recently relocated back to Miami because he thought San Francisco was “deteriorating.”

Lee was attacked while walking, according to his shields.

He appears to have been the subject of a random mugging or attack while in the “good” section of the city, Shields tweeted.

Elon Musk and other industry titans, including those in the tech sector, expressed concern about public safety in the city after his murder, which incited fury.

Musk tweeted, “Many people I know have suffered severe assault.” “Violent crime in San Francisco is horrifying, and even when attackers are apprehended, they are frequently released right away.”

Musk also asked San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins if the city was “taking stronger action to incarcerate repeat offenders.”

Lee had served as the chief product officer of San Francisco-based cryptocurrency company MobileCoin since November 2021.

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