Bryce Laspisa

In 2013, a college sophomore went home for the summer with his parents and then went back to school. Within two weeks, he disappeared without a trace. His roommate and his girlfriend both said that he had changed a lot, and they were both worried about him. Bryce was mixing alcohol with a medicine for ADHD (that was not prescribed to him.) After giving some of his things to his roommate and breaking up with his girlfriend, he was driving home to California, where his parents live.

Bryce Laspisa And Parents

Bryce Laspisa

Soon, his parents get a call from their insurance company saying that the car Bryce is driving just called for help on the side of the road. When his parents check their credit card records, they see that the card was used in Buttonwillow, a small town 3 hours away.

His mother calls the company that fixed the car, and they say that the car ran out of gas and they filled it up enough so the driver could get to a station. When Bryce’s mother asked about the driver, they said he looked fine and made sense.

They even offered to return to the place where the car was found to see if it was still there. Karen, Bryce’s mom, said it would be great if they could do that. Carlos, the serviceman, comes and calls Karen to tell her that the car is still there and Bryce is still in it. She begs him to talk to her because Bryce has been ignoring her phone calls.

Bryce Receives a Call

Bryce calls his mother on the phone to let her know he is okay. He just ran out of gas, that’s all. She tells him to get gas and go home. Everyone leaves after he says yes. Bryce was only three hours from home, and his parents were waiting for him at 3:00 PM. Three o’clock comes and goes. 5:30 PM. Nothing. He still doesn’t answer his phone.

Karen calls the police, and they find Bryce sitting in his car just 8 miles from where the car was fixed. The police tell Bryce to call his mom, but he doesn’t want to. In the end, though, he does. When his mother asks him what he’s doing, he doesn’t have a good answer for her. He is just letting off some steam.

She tells him that he needs to get home right away. After talking to the police officer, who checked Bryce’s honesty on the spot and looked through his car, they told Karen that Bryce seems fine. He is answering all of their questions, which shows that he is aware and makes sense. There’s nothing special. So, the cop goes home. After his shift, Carlos calls Karen back because he missed her call. She tells him how the police found Bryce 8 miles away when he should have been driving home on the highway. Carlos said he would go to the new place to see if he was still there. He was.

13 Hours In Car

Bryce has been sitting in his car in the town of Buttonwillow for almost 13 hours. In the end, Bryce is sure to start driving home, and Carlos follows him for up to 30 minutes until he sees Bryce get on the freeway. Then, Carlos calls Karen to tell her that Bryce is on the freeway on his way home. Several times while he is driving on the freeway, he calls his parents. Finally, at 2:30 AM, he tells them he is going to pull over because he is too tired to drive. They both agree, so he stops at the next exit.

Bryce stops near a cell tower, where there seems to be a big body of water right in front of him. But it’s not what it seems because once you go forward, you have to go through some bushes and then drop 25 feet to a street below before you get to the water. Bryce drives toward the water and goes over the edge of the cliff. He had sped up, as shown by the car tracks in the brush.

There was no sign that he was slowing down, so he must be driving fast toward this body of water on purpose. In the end, his car hit the road below, first landing on the front bumper and then rolling over onto its side. All of the things were left in the car after the back passenger window was broken from the inside. His laptop, his phone, his wallet, and the things he wears. Everything. Two spots of Bryce’s blood were found in the car, but that was all.

Two bloodhounds followed his smell to a truck stop, which was not visible from the street. That’s where his smell ended. So, that’s all. Bryce is no longer around.

Break Up

I should also say that when Bryce and his girlfriend, Kim, broke up, Kim called Karen to tell her that she had taken Bryce’s keys away because he didn’t look like himself and she thought he was high or drunk and didn’t trust him to drive. Karen talked to Bryce and asked to fly to him so she could be with him and help him get home. He told her not to book a flight because he was fine and that he wanted to talk to her about a lot of things. Karen told Kim that Bryce looked fine and that she should give his keys to him.

People are now curious about what Bryce told his mother. He had only been back at school for two weeks (though he had only been in class for four days), so a lot could have happened in that time. Was he taking his time in Buttonville so he wouldn’t have to do whatever he had to do to let her know? Did he drink and take the ADHD drug so much that he went crazy and drove off a mountain with the intention of killing himself? Did he get so badly hurt in the car accident that he can’t remember who he is?

what happened to him?

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