Brian Walshe

According to court documents, investigators found a bone fragment on a hacksaw that police claim accused murderer Brian Walshe threw away after allegedly killing and dismembering his wife, Ana.

Walshe, 47, entered a not guilty plea on Thursday when he appeared in Norfolk Superior Court for charges including first-degree murder, lying to the police, obstructing justice, and improper handling of a human body.

Police claim they have found a wealth of evidence connecting art dealer and father of three Walshe to his 39-year-old wife’s death and disappearance, even though a body has not yet been found.

According to court documents obtained by Fox News, authorities discovered the bone fragment alongside items of clothing and jewelry that Walshe claimed his wife wore when she left their home on New Year’s Day, her immunization card, and Volkswagen keys from a dumpster close to his mother’s house in Swampscott, Massachusetts.

According to a statement from the prosecution in the case, damning photos also show Walshe purchasing a hacksaw and a plethora of cleaning supplies hours after his wife mysteriously vanished.

In another image, Walshe can be seen dumping what appears to be a large trash bag into a dumpster in front of an apartment building in Massachusetts.

Investigators found a bone fragment on a hacksaw that Brian Walshe allegedly threw away after killing his wife.
Walshe pleaded not guilty to charges in connection to his wife’s death.

Walshe is accused of killing his prosperous real estate agent wife, who spent the week working in Washington, DC, after learning that she was having an affair. He learned this from a private eye who had been hired to follow her.

The defense asserts that there was no extramarital relationship and that Walshe’s mother hired the private eye to follow Ana.

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