Alex VanDalsen

Alex VanDalsen, 21, was born Jasmine McKenzie Danaher. At age 15, she decided to change into a male and began living as Alex, a young guy. The household was located near Lafayette, Indiana. On the evening of February 3, 2021, the ground was covered with snow in Indiana. Alex left his residence on foot before midnight without informing anyone of his whereabouts.

Alex VanDalsen Was Dead

Alex VanDalsen

He would never again be observed alive. On February 9th, Alex’s body was found dead. His death was ruled a suicide without further investigation. The family does not accept the suicide scenario for the reasons listed below.
The hands of Alex were not examined for gunpowder residue.
The firearm was found beneath his body and was not examined for fingerprints.
Alex was located 10 miles from his residence. The temperature was below 20 degrees, and he was not dressed appropriately. He did not take his car either. How then did he arrive at the location where his body was discovered? Due to his asthma, the snow, and the low temperature, he was unable to complete the 10-mile trek.
There were no spent shot casings present at the death scene. How could that be possible?
There was no evidence of blood at the event.


Mother Of Alex

Jennifer VanDalsen (Alex’s mother) feels that Alex was abducted, murdered, and then dumped. She feels law enforcement declined to investigate Alex’s case seriously because he was transsexual.
The family has implored police officials to respond to their inquiries over Alex’s death. They have received no responses. Alex actually committed suicide, or was he murdered?

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