Alex Fiske

Mother is Desperately seeking her daughter Alex Fiske. She is 23 year old Height of Alex Fsike’s is 5’5″ and Weight is 120 Pounds.
She has a tattoo on her left inner forearm. Custom — it’s kind of cosmic in nature. Also ear piercings and a helix piercing in her left ear. Don’t know if she’s gotten anything else since I’ve seen her.
Last seen in November, at her ex-boyfriend’s mom’s place. It did not go well and she’s ran off her mother. That was Port Hadlock.

Her mother stated that she last heard from her on Mother’s Day. She received a text message wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day and she said “I love you.” Nothing at all since. She’s missed birthdays, her eldest sister’s wedding and many family get-togethers.

Alex Fiske

In and around Port Townsend, Hacklock, and Port Ludlow, she has lived and worked. She has travelled as far as Federal Way, and a police officer who discovered her sleeping in the passenger seat of a stolen car with stolen mail in the back in the parking lot of a Motel 6 known for being a drug hangout interviewed her in Bremerton.

Mother Heartbreaking Situation

Her Mother stated that We lost both my parents last August, and the whole family really had a hard time processing that — still do. But now, losing Alex and having no way to help her is killing me.

Alex has stated that she will not return to me because I am not a king and do not love her. The truth is that I adore her and would go to ANY length for her. I just want her to be safe and well because the people she appears to be hanging out with are dangerous.

Alex Fiske family
Alex’s Mother and their Family

If anyone knows anything or has heard from her, can you let know the near investigating agency? I know I can’t force her to come home, but I just want to do whatever I can to help her…she’s a graduate of Culinary School, has the most wonderful personality and has such incredible potential. I don’t know what’s gone wrong, but I am helpless to fix it.

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