Barbara Vitez

Barbara Vitez is 15 years old and lives in Senta, a small Serbian town. Senta is a town in northern Serbia. It is very close to Hungary, so many of the people who live there also speak Hungarian. Even though Barbara’s parents are Hungarian, they also speak Serbian.

On November 25, 2016, she went with her friends to a birthday party. Barbara told her mother Melinda that she would be home soon and to wait for her, but she never came home.

At 10:10 p.m., the police told Barbara’s parents that “something happened to Barbara.” But Barbara’s dad, Endre, said that one of the boys Barbara was with that night told the police that at 10:25 pm, someone had fallen off a bridge into the river Tisa. At first, her friends told the police she was with three boys, but then they said she was with four boys.

Police said that because a translator was there when the boys took a lie detector test, the test should not be taken as valid. Father Endre said that two boys failed the lie detector test and that she never even went to the bridge.

One boy said that Barbara jumped into the river from a ladder. Another boy said that they were just playing and that she fell because she tripped. A few days after she disappeared, boys took her off their list of Facebook friends.

43 days passed between when the girl went missing and when the river was searched. Nobody ever found the body or any of its things.

After a month, the family got a strange letter. It said Barbara was given drugs, raped, and killed. The police never looked into that.

In July 2017, a few people who didn’t know each other called Melinda to say they’d seen a girl who looks like Barbara in Greece, but they didn’t tell her where they’d seen her.

In 2019, a man from Budapest, Hungary, called a family and said he has a picture of a girl who looks like Barbara. It’s a photo taken from Instagram live. Her parents said that her name is Barbara because she answered some questions about her brother’s name during live chat.

A few days later, another man who didn’t know the parent called. He said that one girl called the local Hungarian radio station and said, “Barbie wants to send a song called “It is a hard life” to her father, mother, and brother.” Barbara’s brother died that year, and her parents are still trying to find her. People believe that she is still alive.

She is still listed as missing, but the police are not looking into this case.

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